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By sending your order implies acceptance of these Terms relate exclusively to the website cretaneshop.gr.



The orders are completed through the Order Form found in cretaneshop.gr and sent through the Internet cretaneshop.gr. The orders are binding once accepted by the cretaneshop.gr and order confirmation is sent by email to the customer after submission. The order confirmation should check it and if something is wrong, you are required to contact via email within the next 5 hours from the time of your order with cretaneshop.gr. Orders can be made by telephone if the client does not care to complete the order online. Product prices include VAT 23%. Bids referred to cretaneshop.gr valid as long as they are posted on the site and if interested should contact the cretaneshop.gr through email for details and send your order. With each order is sent and the sales receipt (in an envelope in the package of products). The cretaneshop.gr has the ability to cut and invoice, after consultation with the client.


Shipping - PAYMENT

In your order confirmation, sent to you electronically by email, indicating the products, costs and shipping and payment options. The mission of all products made with the Post Office to the delivery point designated by the customer during the completion of items in the order form. Payment is made by one of the following ways by which the customer can choose during the completion of items in the order form:

a) deposit into the following bank account:

COMMERCIAL BANK OF GREECE IBAN: GR10 0120 7380 0000 0008 3904 305

ALPHA BANK IBAN: GR 5401406610 6610 0200 2012 843

AGRICULTURAL BANK OF GREECE IBAN: GR17 0431 1140 0037 0040 0032 3265

NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE IBAN: GR47 0110 2050 0000 2054 7061 026

Beneficiary Name: Traditional Tourist Enterprises SA "AROLITHOS".

If you choose this payment method, the order is sent after the deposit of money in the bank and the delivery time starts from the day the cretaneshop.gr informed in writing by sending the deposit slip from the bank (by fax or email), or telephone that the testimony was completed.

b) delivery by the Post Office. When the Post Office deliver your parcel or parcels to your order, you must furnish the money to pay for it. The choice of payment on delivery, is valid only within Greece.

c) With Paypal.

d) By credit card



Product prices may change at any time. If this happened after your order before sending the cretaneshop.gr has an obligation to honor the prices prevailing when the order was placed.



The cretaneshop.gr sends his orders throughout Greece and abroad, the place of delivery designated by the customer. The mission is the way chosen by the customer, every day except Saturday and Sunday.



The cretaneshop.gr guarantees the protection of its products until their delivery to the Post Office. The eshop.arolithos.gr not guarantee the protection of the products after delivery to the Post Office. The orders with products liability and traveling for the client.



The cretaneshop.gr not responsible for delays in delivery fortunes order to the customer when the cause is due to force majeure such as strikes - holidays, late suppliers, governmental or legislative acts and natural disasters. If such a case keep more than 2 months from order, this contract may be canceled by either of the two parties.


The CUSTOMER must:

1. To select the products he/she wishes and read detailed specifications of each product.

2. To bear the shipping costs.

3. Do not make orders if he/she is sure that will not be able to receive the goods.



The cretaneshop.gr not accept returns under any circumstances. Cancellations from the order date are not eligible for any dispute between the parties defined the relevant Courts of Heraklion. Cancel an order is not accepted, even for personal reasons.



The cretaneshop.gr guarantees that personal data entered when the customer completes the order form, are not transferable or used for any other reason, apart from recording the contractual relationship with the customer cretaneshop.gr. The cretaneshop.gr is obliged to pay your personal information to public authorities only if an applicable provision of law dictates. You, by accepting this contract certify and warrant that the personal information you provided when you sign the order form is true, accurate and valid.



The cretaneshop.gr has the right to modify and update whenever necessary conditions for use.



All these are governed by the European and the Greek Law. For any resolution of any dispute, the courts Heraklion.