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Φαράγγι της Σαμαριάς,το φαράγγι της Σαμαριάς,πώς πάμε στο φαράγγι της Σαμαριάς,πληροφορίες για το φαράγγι,Samaria Gorge,Samaria Gorge,How to Go to the Gorge of Samaria,Information about the Gorge,
Samaria - Sougia
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Samaria - Sougia


The gorge of Samaria, the ascents in Gigilos and Volakias, the course Sougia Agia Roumeli (the most beautiful and one of the most challenging hikes in Crete) and a few more interesting paths are presented with detailed comments and useful information.
Publisher: NULL
Scale: 1:25.000
Publisher: Anavasi
Size: 24x14


Greek, English


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