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CRETAN BOOKS CRETE,a map of Crete,traveller, archaeological sites, monasteries, country chapels and castlesside trails, the mountain refuges, the mountain peaks, the canyons and the gorges,
Western Crete
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On a scale of 1:100,000, which is the most detailed scale available for a map of Crete, you will find the most detailed road network to ever have appeared on a map of Crete, a precise geophysical background (in cooperation with the Hellenic Military Geographic Service), all the island's hydrography, and the greatest wealth of information of interest to the traveller: all the archaeological sites, monasteries, country chapels and castles.
Nature lovers and hikers will be overjoyed by the mapping of the E4 trail and all its side trails, the mountain refuges, the mountain peaks, the canyons and the gorges.
Hundred of kilometers of forest and other rural roads that make their first appearance on a map and lead to Crete's most beautiful corners, are mapped clearly and precisely, to allow you to enjoy breathtaking routes in places rarely seen by visitors.


This map also includes two detailed and updated city maps, Chania and Rethymnon, showing all streets converted to pedestrian use, traffic direction signage and much more information that we gathered through our exhaustive, onsite research.
This map, as well as it's 'little brother', the map of 'Eastern Crete' on the same scale, was created through exhaustive, onsite research that lasted a full eight months, from June 2002 to January 2003! To compare and to call things, at long last, by their proper name, simply consider that most Greek publishers of Cretan maps have never even been to the island, preferring to rely on aerial photographs (at best), while most foreign publishers pay some associates/tourists to map certain routes during their summer vacations!
If you are particular about the map you buy and wish to make the most of your excursion to Crete, put your trust in the superior maps of Crete, the ROAD maps.

Publisher: NULL
Scale: 1:100.000
Publisher: Road
Size: 24x13
Languages: Greek, English