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Kretarakimeli Cretan raki with honey 500ml,tsikoudia with honey,typical drink,traditional drink,
Kretarakimeli Cretan raki with honey 500ml
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Kretarakimeli Cretan raki with honey

An excellent and pleasant drink to enjoy after dinner or any time of the day accompanied by nuts or fruits.


A unique Cretan drink rakomelo available in an excellent bottle of 500ml as gift box. A pleasant drink based in grapes and honey from mountainous areas of Crete. It is a delicious drink balanced with special "sweet" flavor, characteristic of honey variety. 


The KretarakiMeli is an excellent drink, a scientific breakthrough ... It took more than three years of intensive scientific research, hundreds of samples and close cooperation with leading Greek professors of enology and reaches the DS Distillers in this secret, proprietary recipe RAKOMELO Kretarakimeli. An excellent, Greek beverage of top quality which is difficult to compare with anything else you may have tried till today.


 500ml,in a glass bottle.