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As we move forward in VISION, we began updating our map according to the new standards we have set and the needs of our modern traveler. After the completion and publication of maps for all counties and all cities of Greece began publication in the series "Law & City" Another new generation map of the VISION is Heraklion. Compatible with GPS on International Geodetic Reference System (WGS84) and the Greek Geodetic Reference System (EGSA87) enables the visitor to explore span to span the county. The specifications of the map are: elevation 100 feet per background, charting the paths and streams, logging of churches, chapels and monasteries, trigonometric points with the exact altitude camping, archaeological sites, caves, fountains and springs, stampings of settlements (villages-cities) with houses that are not random, but the number on population and exact distances in kilometers from intersection to intersection with decimal. You will also find all the beaches of their names and a few words about each and keyed to those who have been awarded the 'Blue Flag' by the European Union. Apart from the map of the county, contains a map of the city of Heraklion. The comprehensive index of villages with population and altitude and all the hotels listed on star (1 to 5) and not with the old category (E to D & Lux) completes the puzzle of the map.

Publisher: NULL
Scale: 1:100.000
Publisher: Orama
Size: 13x25 cm
Languages: Greek, English