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Pinakoti wooden kneading trough pinakoti traditional wooden trough, pinakoti with four positions, wooden pinakoti with four positions
Pinakoti wooden kneading trough
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Pinakoti traditional wooden with 4 positions


Pinakoti = placed where the dough to rise.


Pinakoti the large wooden basin were the necessities grandmother, which kneads the family bread for the whole week. On the evening of the previous day's grandmother caught the sourdough.
 A piece of dough, she was working with water and flour, so as to be curdy and left it to the hooded woolen blanket overnight. With this yeast, in the morning  knead bread, covering up again with the blanket and let it go. Then again he held a piece of dough (yeast) to make next week's bread. With the rest made large loaves and placed in Pinakoti was covered with cotton towels well floured. Folded towels over breads Pinakoti draped on the blanket, not to cool the dough to rise quickly. When swelled bread put the Pinakoti shoulder and go in the oven. There he lit the wood stove and the oven calcined, put a wooden shovel breads.


Length 80 cm