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Metal container 0,2 1 liter,100% natural,Acidity level less than 0.2%,Product of Greece - Crete,olive oil with cold extraction,
Metal container 0,2 1 liter
14,49 €


Premium extra virgin olive oil 0,2


Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality from the sunny Cretan land with gold-green colour and rich flavor of fresh olive juice. A single variety (Koroneiki), with acidity less than 0.2% and unique organoleptic characteristics.


It is fruity and has a rich flavor and an interesting spicy aftertaste.


It has rich antioxidant activity and can bring out the wonderful taste of your salads and cooked meals.


Cold Extraction
Single variental: 100% Koroneiki variety.
100% natural
Acidity level less than 0.2%


1 liter

Product of Greece - Crete